What we do

What We Do

CHA brings the necessary combination of skills and experience to work directly with all of the key players in the redevelopment process. CHA helps medical professionals with program development and group formation to create optimal, custom-built office suites that provide patients with the best, cost-effective healthcare facilities available. Additionally, CHA’s services include concept design, architectural and engineering, permitting, governmental approvals, construction and the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

CHA preserves jobs and creates an environment for new practices to flourish.

CHA maximizes the value to the community by working with municipal governments to increase tax ratables and to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Economically struggling healthcare facilities are often forced to close their doors to the public, often times after sitting vacant for extended periods of time. Closed facilities lower surrounding property values and create opportunities for vandalism and blight. The reestablishment of closed healthcare facilities as Medical Arts Complexes fuels the engine of economic development in communities at many levels - direct and indirect jobs are created, municipal tax revenues are generated, and needed health services are reintroduced.

Our Properties

Our Projects

CHA designs and builds optimal, custom-built office suites that enable practitioners to provide patients with cost-effective healthcare services. CHA's projects attract a wide array of medical tenants in one convenient location, including multi-specialty physician practices, women's health centers, sub acute-care units, ambulatory surgical centers, and many more.

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