Team Bios

William J. (Bill) Colgan

Founding Member and Managing Partner

Mr. Colgan is the Managing Partner in charge of business development, strategic planning, and financial operations.

E.Stephen Kirby

Founding Member

Mr. Kirby is responsible for strategic planning and Department of Health licensing requirements.

Jeffrey S. Moll

Founding Member

Mr. Moll provides strategic direction for program development, group formation and hospital partnerships.

Michael C. Nudo

Founding Member and Partner

Mr. Nudo is responsible for hospital partnerships and healthcare legislation.

Steven Rosefsky


Mr. Rosefsky is responsible for legal affairs and strategic and operational planning.

William T. Colgan

Vice President

Mr. Colgan is responsible for operational management, financial structuring, and property valuation.

Kobi Leifer

Vice President

Mr. Leifer is responsible for leasing, tenant relations, and property management.

Warren Sprake

Vice President of Construction

Mr. Sprake is responsible for overseeing the construction department.

Dustin Davis

Director of Development

Mr. Davis is responsible for overseeing all architectural and engineering.

Dan O'Donnell

Director of Construction

Mr. O'Donnell is responsible for site construction.

Cheryl Yatsonsky

Corporate Controller

Ms. Yatsonsky is responsible for financial accounting.